1. Are Park Stage and The Shrine tickets assigned to a given seat?
No, both Park Stage and The Shrine are open-air kind of stages with standing audience and no zone division. It will be accessible both for the one and two day passes, regardless of the sector bought.


2. What is the difference between General Admission ticket and Sector A or C ticket?
Mystic Festival will take place at Tauron Arena Krakow where the Main Stage will be located. Two other stages are open air and are outside the arena - in the park (Park Stage) and parking in front of the arena (The Shrine Stage).
General Admission and seating A and C reffer to Main Stage only because this stage is situated inside the arena.
All other stages are open air and each ticket holder (no matter if standing or seating) have a general standing admission in front of these stages.
In regards to Main Stage and division of tickets to general admission and sector A/C:
General Admission is a standing spot in front of the main stage. These tickets do not have an access to seating places inside the arena (main stage).
Sector A or C tickets are reserved seats on the arena tribune. The price difference between Sector A and Sector C reflects the distance from the stage as on regular arena shows.
Again - please notice that General Admission and Sector A/C division refers only to the Main Stage Arena. On the other two Open-Air Stages (Park Stage, The Shrine) every ticket entitles to access the standing zone as there are no seated spots there.


3. Will the concerts overlap?
With so many artists and three stages it is natural some concerts will overlap, that happens on every festival. When it comes to the headliners on Park Stage and Main Stage overlap won’t happen. When it comes to other concerts there will be only parcial overlapping.

4. Will it be possible to move freely between open-air section and the Arena?
Yes. Once you enter the festival you can move freely in its area.

5. Will it be possible to eat something at the festival?
Sure thing. There will be food courts both inside the Arena and in the open-air offering beverages, alcohol and food. Also, there will be two restaurants in the Arena with a regular lunch menu.

6. Will Slipknot/Within Temptation/Sabaton/King Diamond/In Flames play a full set?
Yes, those bands arrive to Krakow with their entire production and will play full concert sets. The length of the set is decided by the artist and is not imposed by the Festival.

7. Will there be a space to park a car?
There is a paid parking lot at the Tauron Arena, administered by the Tauron Arena only. It is best to park your car elswhere and commute with a public transport.

8. Where will Park Stage and The Shrine be located?
The stages will be located respectively in the Park and at the parking lot next to Tauron Arena. Detailed festival map will be shared around March/April.

9. Will VIP tickets entitle holders to "Meet & Greet" sessions?
No. VIP tickets only entitle holders to what is included in the VIP bundle, i.e.:

- Entrance to the festival grounds for both days, with a seat in the B2 or B3 sector of Tauron Arena Kraków (seats will be assigned by the organizer as orders are received). - Access to the special restaurant zone (in Tauron Arena Kraków).

- An open bar (beer, wine, and other non-alcoholic drinks).

- Warm and cold snacks.

- A set of festival gadgets.

- A t-shirt, bag, and special poster.

10. Will the floor be divided into zones?

11. Can concerts be attended by persons under 18 years of age?
Persons who on the day of the concert are between 13 and 17 years of age may enter with the written consent of their parent(s) or legal guardian(s). The consent form is available HERE. Persons who on the day of the concert are under 13 years of age may enter only under the care of an adult indicated by their parent(s) or legal guardian(s). The consent form is available HERE.

12. Up to what age can kids get in free?
Kids 9 and under enter for free. They must have earplugs or noise-cancelling headphones, and must remain under the strict care of a parent or legal guardian.

13. Can a disabled person and their caretaker enter the concert on a single ticket?
No. However, caretakers of disabled persons are entitled to a 50% discount on tickets. To buy a ticket in an appropriately adapted sector, please contact niepelnosprawni@eventim.pl.

14. Why did the parcel with my ticket(s) not include a receipt?
In accordance with the Regulation of the Minister of Development and Finance of 16 December 2016 on exemptions from the obligation to keep records using cash registers (Journal of Laws 2016, item 2177), ticket sales are not recorded using cash registers as of 31.03.2017. We will consider return requests and complaints on the basis of any legally acceptable proofs of purchase such as email correspondence, payment receipts, etc.

15. Can I return a purchased ticket?
Pursuant to Art. 38 in conjunction with Art. 27 of the Consumer Rights Act of 30 May 2014 (Journal of Laws 24 June 2014), consumers do not have the right to withdraw from an agreement for the sale of tickets for events with a set date. Tickets purchased through http://mysticfestival.pl are therefore not subject to cancellation, return, or replacement.

16. Why is my VIP ticket not a collector ticket?
You should have received a printout from the Eventim system showing the exact location of your seat. After your bar code is scanned at the entrance of the event, the event staff will issue a collector ticket.

17. Can I access every stage with my ticket?
Yes, every ticket entitles to participate in every concert on every stage during Mystic Festival.